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What do you do when life isn't going well?

As you probably know I am a licensed counselor, which in my case hasn't helped much during this difficult time in my life.  All the training and books go out the window when the therapist is the one who needs a therapist.  Why stress right now?  

My wife had Melanoma a couple of years ago and now the dermatologist is telling us that while it isn't Melanoma she does have skin cancer on her back again.  Yes there is a brief sigh of relief in knowing it isn't Melanoma, but then you are hit with the reality that it is still "The C Word."  And to give more anxiety to the situation they found a precancerous spot on my lip which they froze off.  I know, I should be jumping for joy that it was labeled precancerous and not cancer.  However, I have what is called "health anxiety" so I don't react well to any form of diagnosis....especially pre-ANYTHING.  And I made the mistake of doing some Dr. Google research and that has made it worse.  So what do you do when life deals you a big batch of stress?  

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04/10/2013 10:02AM
What do you do when life isn't going well?
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04/12/2013 9:28AM
God is the answer
In the past several years I've found that talking to God and asking for his help gets me through everything!
04/15/2013 8:53AM
Tony. I'm 40 and they just found 4 BCC that I had removed. Nothing hits you like saying you have the C word. I did a lot of research, was thankful that it isnt' worse and just wanted to get rid of it. I'm now the sunscreen NAZI and have started my stand against tanning beds. My Doc told me that going tanning has the same cancer risk as smoking. Yikes. There is nothing wrong with being freaked out, but focus on what gets you through the day, your beautiful family and keep Amy bathed in sunscreen. :)
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