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What a Week!

This was without a doubt one of the more tragic weeks that I can personally remember.  And while most of America watched from a great distance we are still all impacted by either an explosion in Boston or a plant in West, Texas.  We didn't feel the pressure of the blast, but we feel the pressure of sadness, confusion, and fear.  It is during these times that we are reminded that life is unpredictable and we don't like we can become isolated, anxious, and depressed if we aren't careful.  Everyone, regardless of whether you were directly impacted or impacted from a distance must remember to care for their personal and emotional well being.  Again, while those directly affected by tragedy are experiencing emotions most of us can't image...we are all experiencing some form of an impact on our hearts and souls.  

We also must remember our children who are watching these things take place on the television.  No we don't want them to see it, but all it takes is walking into a room for 15 seconds and they may see and hear things that they can't comprehend.  So we need to protect them for as long as we can do so.  We need them to continue being children with heads full of dreams, and a naive sense of safety.  

Join me in praying for the many who have been directly affected by these tragedies.  And let's also pray for all of us who are trying to find peace in the storm.   

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04/19/2013 11:42AM
What a Week!
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