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What are You Kidding Me Story: Man beats up a Storm Trooper & Ghost Buster!!


Out of Maine … The Force wasn’t with them!
Saturday was the nationwide event called Free Comic Book Day, which is a day that many of the comic book nerds come together to celebrate their quirkiness.  But there always has to be that one guy to spoil the day, and that guy was Adam Barnes who showed up, yes he showed up at a comic book event, looking for a fight.  And the evil Adam first went after a Storm Trooper and literally started beating him up before a Ghost Buster stepped in to defend his buddy.  Adam then busted the Ghost Buster in the face.  But while Adam was able to take out a Ghost Buster & a Storm Trooper…he was no match for Maine’s State Trooper who tased his butt!

Out of Pennsylvania … It’s on The List

Carolyn Murray was cruising, well actually swerving, through the streets of Whitemarsh Township when she crashed into a 76 year-old drivers car.  When coppers arrived they thought that Carol seemed a little out of it, because she was slurring her speech, didn’t know where she was, and couldn’t find her license and registration. 

Well the good officers helped her search and in the process they found some evidence to explain why Carol was so kooky!   They found a To-Do List that had the following on it: 
  • Chicken breast
  • German potato salad
  • Pepsi,
  • Xanax
  • Cocaine
  • Get High
  • Muscle Relaxers
 They obviously had caught her somewhere around "get high" and the muscle relaxers!

According to a study that just came out…7% of men and 2% of women say if they see an animal in the road they will INTENTIALLY try to hit it!  Well, a TV station in Oklahoma City thought they would put those stats to the test by using a turtle… a rubber turtle thank God.  So last week, they put Todd The Rubber Turtle in the street and believe it or not it wasn’t long until 4 drivers went to the dark side.  And they intentionally swerved to take Todd The Turtle out! 

And then one guy slammed his brakes, jumped out and grabbed the little guy and sped off…he stole Todd!!!  Well the TV station chased that guy down to get their turtle back and he said he swiped it because he races turtles.  He said he kept waiting for it to pee on him, and let them know their turtle would NOT be winning any races.  They then informed the genius that it wasn’t real. 


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05/07/2013 7:30AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: Man beats up a Storm Trooper & Ghost Buster!!
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05/07/2013 11:07AM
Carolyn Murray story
Someone I know said of this woman's list found in her purse: "I had the exact same shopping list and saved 19% at Walmart!"
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