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What are You Kidding Me: A woman survives her husband shooting her with what?

Out of Brazil … Open Wide
Elisangela (Elis) Rosa has always said that her husband is accident prone and now she has proof, because he just accidently did something NO one and I do mean NO one in the world has ever done.  And in turn, she has survived something that NO one and I do mean NO one that I know of has survived.  And that is…she survived her husband accidently shooting a harpoon into her mouth!  "The Rio de Janeiro State Health Department said in a statement that the woman`s husband was cleaning his spear gun when it went off, firing a harpoon that hit her cervical spine. (NuttyNews)"  As we said, she is going to survive and likely find a new husband. 
Out of Texas … Search & Rescue
On Tuesday night Pete Rodriguez came up with a GREAT game to play with his girlfriends 14 year-old son.  I'm guess it went something like this, "I tell ya what “Jim Bob” you run around the yard and I’ll pretend…pretend to be tracing your movements with my riffle!"  Got it?  The kid ran around the yard and Pete would follow his movements with his freaking gun!  And did I mention that the gun was loaded? 

Well you see where this is going…Pete accidently shot the kid right in the thigh.  And at that point you know that the kids mother rushed him to the hospital right?  NOPE!  She went on WebMD to try and figure out how to treat a gunshot wound.  And after…wait for it…after 7 hours of trying to treat it herself...she then finally took him to the hospital where he is going to be fine.  Pete on the other hand was arrested.  

Out of Georgia … Going to The Hood (click link for video)
Elton Kim was standing in the parking lot of his dry cleaners when all of a sudden a lady backed out of her parking space and right into his car.  So he ran over to her car and told her to wait, because he was going to call the police to come to the scene so they could file a report.  Well as he hung up the phone he noticed the lady getting ready to take off so he did the logical thing and ran over and jumped on the hood of her car to get her to stop…it didn’t work.  And cops must have known something was wrong when they were driving down Holcomb Bridge Road and coming toward them was a woman speeding with an Asian man screaming on the hood of her car!  Well, finally the lady slowed down enough for Mr. Kim to jump off…but the psycho lady is still on the loose.  

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Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time today...I hope I was able to bring a smile to your face!


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05/10/2013 6:59AM
What are You Kidding Me: A woman survives her husband shooting her with what?
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05/10/2013 7:29AM
What are you kdding me? found again!!!!
Hey Tony, I'm glad to have found the stories again. Missed them being on your site, but now I have my daily laugh again. BTW, your Transformation 365 stuff is amazing, been taking some of your advice and although i'm only 22, i'm starting to "live life to the fullest" as much as i can. Thanks, Nate
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