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What are You Kidding Me: Does she really look like Taylor Swift?

Out of England … Mistaken Identity

18 year-old Xenna Kristian just got beat up.  I’m talking about a major UFC-Cage Match style beat down from another chick.  Poor littl Xenna even had to go to the hospital!  So why would someone beat her up?   Well some believe it is because she looks like Taylor Swift!  No, I mean she really looks like Taylor Swift, and so much so that she makes a living as a T-Swift impersonator.  

Now, word is that Xenna is a little obnoxious with her Taylor Swift impersonating as in she always…always dresses and attempts to behave like the billionaire breakup singer.  And so there is a very good chance she was beat up because she is just an obnoxious snob and not just the fact she looks like Taylor.  

You can be the judge on just how much she looks like Taylor by checking out the pictures below.  What do you think?

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05/24/2013 7:00AM
What are You Kidding Me: Does she really look like Taylor Swift?
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05/24/2013 7:19AM
what i think
Resembles doesn't look like her though
05/24/2013 7:26AM
Not so good
Her hair style is the same, but the bone structure is not.
05/24/2013 7:39AM
I do not care for Taylor Swift, but just the idea that someone thinks they have the right to beat someone up? If you dont like her stay away from her. Judging.....Wow
05/24/2013 8:06AM
Thanks You
Thanks for your comments! Tony
05/24/2013 8:40AM
She looks a little like her. Her jaw structure is all wrong. But who cares, Joan rivers impersonaters are annoying but no one goes around beating them up.
05/25/2013 12:04PM
Pretty damn close!! Beautiful girls! Long lost twins!
05/25/2013 12:06PM
Taylor has a longer face than Xenia. She doesnt look like her that much
05/25/2013 7:49PM
Taylor. NOT
Close, but no cigar
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