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Top 10 Jobs Where You're Most Likely to get Divorced!

Researchers at Radford University just released a study on the jobs that have the highest divorce rates, and the top three are:  Dancer, Bartender, and Massage Therapist.

#1.)  Dancers and choreographers, 43.05% divorce rate
#2.)  Bartenders, 38.43% divorce rate
#3.)  Massage therapists, 38.22% divorce rate
#4.)  Gaming cage workers at casinos . . .the cashiers who handle the money and chips . . . 34.66% divorce rate
#5.)  Extruding machine operators . . .assembly line worker in a factory . . . 32.74% divorce rate
#6.)  Gaming service workers, 31.35% divorce rate
#7.)  Factory workers in food and tobacco, 29.78% divorce rate
#8.)  Telephone operators, 29.3% divorce rate
#9.)  Nursing, psychiatric and home health aides, 28.95% divorce rate
#10.)  Entertainers, performers, and people working in sports, 28.49% divorce rate.

--Meanwhile, here are the nine professions where you're LEAST likely to get divorced:

#1.)  Media and communication equipment workers, 0% divorce rate  (!!!)
#2.)  Agricultural engineers, 1.78% divorce rate
#3.)  Optometrists, 4.01% divorce rate
#4.)  Transit and railroad police, 5.26% divorce rate
#5.)  Clergy, 5.61% divorce rate  (???)
#6.)  Directors of religious activity, 5.88% divorce rate
#7.)  Sales engineers, 6.61% divorce rate
#8.)  Podiatrists, 6.81% divorce rate
#9.)  Nuclear engineers, 7.29% divorce rate

10/06/2010 12:31PM
Top 10 Jobs Where You're Most Likely to get Divorced!
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