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Weight Loss Wednesday #3 - The Change Begins

I’m two weeks into my training with Karen. The scale hasn’t moved nearly as quickly as I’d hoped but I’ve never been more motivated because something better has happened. I’m noticing my body changing.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday

Fourteen days ago, I walked into the gym insecure, nervous, and not really sure if I was ready to let go of my security blanket of extra weight. Today, I can honestly picture what I’m going to look like when I achieve my goals. Losing weight changes your life and it’s something you’ve got to get in the right head space for. Mentally I think I’m finally there. Physically, I know I’m there.

On Day #1, I was struggling just to get through 20 step-ups. (Imagine stepping up onto a bench then coming back down again. Sounds simple, right?) Today I can power through more than I can count while holding 20-pound dumbbells. On Day #1, I was able to dead lift 55lbs. Today I was able to add 10 more pounds.

Hands down, my favorite things to do are squats and push presses. It works out my legs and ass not to mention I’m really good at it! So good at it, in fact, that I’ve been able to add THIRTY POUNDS onto each exercise in just two weeks. On Day #1, I was squatting and pressing 35lbs. Today, I cleared 65lbs!

I want to work harder because if I’m already seeing results, imagine what would happen if I gave 150% percent?! With that in mind, Karen had me run. Ugh. I hate running. But if it’ll get me to where I want to be, I’ll do it. Before I could barely keep up at a 4.7mph pace. Today I was able to run at 7mph.

These numbers to an athlete probably don’t sound that fantastic. To me, the girl who spent a majority of her 20′s saying, “I’ll start tomorrow,” this is a game changer. I’m achieving many non-scale victories that are boosting my confidence. I can’t wait to embrace my 30′s as the woman I’ve spent the last 10 years dreaming about. I’ll get there! I know it!

My confidence is growing! Read Weight Loss Wednesday #4 by clicking HERE.

07/23/2014 6:29AM
Weight Loss Wednesday #3 - The Change Begins
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07/23/2014 7:28AM
You Go Girl!!
Ellen... Im proud of you! I am also nearing my 30's and have been struggling with my weight. I had 2 kids and got married, pretty young. As a result...I let myself go. I got divorced 2 years ago and that still wasnt enough motivation for me to get my life back. Its so hard to get right in the head and focus on loosing the weight. Now, at almost 30 I know I NEED to loose some weight. Following your journey is inspiring to me! I love listening to you on the show and reading your blogs... your progress is motivating me! No more excuses, time for results. Thank you Ellen! I needed to see this blog this morning :) Much love and support- Brittany (P1 since day 1!)
07/23/2014 7:37AM
you go
Way to go
07/23/2014 9:13AM
get it girl
Congrats girl the first step is walking in those doors! I two am on a weight loss journey in the last 2.5 months I lost 15 pounds and down 4 pant sizes . I am 28 years old. Married with two children. But at 28 I need a hip replacement so I cant run but I put the incline up high and walk as fast as I can! If your anything like me I didn't know anything about protine so I just took what they had in the gym.but now I have found body by vi ! Its the best tasting shake I have found and it really works to help you lose weight! But you cant buy it in stores so if you want too check it out @ and message me on fb I can answer any questions :)
07/23/2014 9:16AM
Just keep swimming!!!
Thank you for sharing!! So inspiring...keep it up I can't wait to see your results and start my journey as well!!!
07/23/2014 9:38AM
you rock
Keep up the great work! I'm with you...its hard not seeing results as quick as you want. But feeling stronger is really empowering. Someday this fat girl who HATED running hopes to run a 5k!
07/24/2014 7:57AM
you got this
I'm 52 and in my own I lost sixty pounds since September. I wish too that I did this sooner. But its never too late and it feels great.
07/25/2014 12:32PM
Go for it!
good for you can see the difference from the picture with the guys above and your new face...keep it going, you can do this! :)
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