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What are You Kidding Me???

51 year-old Mariko Haugen was with her family in Maui last week enjoying a nice swim in the beautiful blue water…she was enjoying herself until people on the shore began screaming at her.  She then turned to realize what all the commotion was about…she was seconds away from being shark bait! 

Jaws Jr. was bearing down on her, but what Jaws didn’t know is that Mariko is a black belt and would not go down without a fight.  So she first punched him right in the head!  He shook that shot off and came back at her again.  Mariko then gave him another big punch to the mouth.  And Jaws Jr. then swam off despite there being lots of blood in the water.  The blood was from Hariko’s hand, because when she punched him in the mouth she hit his teeth.  In the end, she needed about 70 stitches, but she is alive and doing well!   

See Video by clicking here

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11/02/2012 6:58AM
What are You Kidding Me???
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