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What are You Kidding Me: A Beer Thief Leaves What Behind???

Out of Kentucky … Amazing Grace

For years Dee Samad and her hubby knew that someone was stealing beer from their backyard kegerator, but they never could catch the little thief.  Well last week they got a surprise.  They came out to find a note that read, “Enclosed is a sum of cash that my friends and I owe you and your family to repay you for all of the times we have stolen from your poolside fridge over the past few years."  In the letter he continued to apologize and said he couldn’t bring himself to apologize in person, but he hoped she would forgive him. 

He basically said that he had found Jesus and wanted to try and make things right.  He left them with $140 in cash and Dee says she would love to meet him and he is welcome to come by for a visit anytime!  

Out of Kentucky … The Bottom of Their Class

The graduation will be a little smaller this year at East Carter High School.  Not because they have a small graduating class, but because 7 of them have been banned from the celebration!  Why you ask? 

Well because the rambunctious boys got together and released a few crickets into the hallways of the school.  And by a few I mean that they released TEN THOUSAND CRICKETS!  And while that is very funny…it was also very expensive to get rid of all of them!  

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05/22/2013 7:17AM
What are You Kidding Me: A Beer Thief Leaves What Behind???
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05/22/2013 7:57AM
Tammy Jones
The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways!
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