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What are You Kidding Me: Bigfoot did what?

Out of Pennsylvania … Going Big

John Reed called the police to report that the windows and lights had been smashed on his sweet 1973 Winnebago RV!  So the fine officers rushed to the scene and that is when they were given the rest of the story…John said he knew exactly who had nearly destroyed his Winnebago. 

John informed them that it was none other Bigfoot!  And the officers actually took his full statement which was, “Bigfoot had targeted him because he is the leader of the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters.  And he clearly saw Bigfoot hunched over and he was very hairy.”  And by the way, if you go to his Facebook you will learn what to do when being chased by Bigfoot.  First, run uphill because Bigfoot has a large slanted forehead so they will have to stop to look up.”   

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Locations : Pennsylvania
People : John Reed

06/17/2013 7:49AM
What are You Kidding Me: Bigfoot did what?
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06/17/2013 7:58AM
Are you kidding me?
And what exactly was he smoking?
06/18/2013 8:11AM
What the hell is this guy smokin he needs too give it up come to reality
07/01/2013 10:26AM
Everyone knows Bigfoot is a Washington resident...
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