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What are You Kidding Me: Deep Fried SOUP

KFC Has Found a Way to Deep Fry Soup

Japan is one of the SKINNIEST countries in the world.  Looks like they're really focused on changing that.  On Thursday, KFC in Japan is going to start selling DEEP FRIED SOUP.  Yes, they figured out a way to deep fry soup.  Who says the Japanese aren't innovating like they used to?


It's a thick corn and potato soup that's encased in batter and fried, so it ends up looking sort of like a hash brown.  There's no word on whether deep fried soup is coming to the U.S.  But like most ridiculous overseas fast food creations, probably not.  Because for some reason, fast food companies in America apparently hate making money. 

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09/03/2013 9:27AM
What are You Kidding Me: Deep Fried SOUP
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