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What are You Kidding Me: He Throws his what at who?

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Out of Pennsylvania … Open Wide

William Moody may be 71, but he still has a lot and I do mean a lot of spark in him.  This was demonstrated when he got into a scuffle with police officers last week.  The problem started when there was an auto accident in front of Willie’s house, and he got blocked in his driveway.  He couldn’t get out due to the accident and he began throwing a fit!  And he threw so much of a fit that he ended up getting arrested and taken down town.  And once at the police station he decided to stop throwing a fit and began throwing accessories and body parts!  

Willie first threw his wrist watch at an officer, and then he grabbed the "chaw" out of his mouth and chucked that at the officer, but he wasn't done.  When his watch and chewing tobacco didn’t deter the officers he resorted to his secret weapon….his dentures!  He pulled his chompers out of his mouth and took aim and threw them at the officers!  He was eventually restrained and no one was injured.  

Out of Serbia … Taking a Snooze

Ivan Tolvich got drunk and did something that I guarantee…guarantee you have never done or thought of doing.  He got TANKED and decided to walk up the steel girder of a bridge. 

As you can see to the left he started walking up one of those beams that was only 4 feet wide, and when he got about half way up  he decided to do something else none of us have thought of doing.  Ivan decided to take a nap.  And when rescue workers finally made their way up to him….he was still asleep!  They slowly woke him up after…after they put a harness on him.  

Out of Hong Kong … Private Parts

We don’t have a name, but a 66 year-old dude just got a very surprising diagnosis when he went into see his doctor.  The man went in with complaints of abdominal swelling and pain, and a few hours later a very confused doctor told the man he had a cyst.  He had a cyst on HIS ovary.  You got it…at 66 years old he found out that he was actually a she or at least he was more she than he was a he.  Yes he had male parts, but according to the docs they were called MICRO…uh….parts.  So while he did have some testosterone flowing through his body he had a lot more estrogen in there.
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06/05/2013 7:36AM
What are You Kidding Me: He Throws his what at who?
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