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What are You Kidding Me: He ate 6 steaks and 57 cans of what??

Out of Kentucky … Whipped into Shape

Trevor Runyon may be nuttier than a bag of squirrel poop, but when he decides to do some shoplifting he does it with style.  Last week Trev got busted for stealing from the ValuMarket, because he left a few empty…well…he left 57 cans of empty whipped cream behind!  So when the manager noticed all the empty cans the next morning he thought that he better check the security cam.  He wanted to see just what was going on in his store at night.  And when he played back the footage there was Trevor running around the store after they had closed down for the night.

And not only did he go through 57 cans of whipped cream, but he also had himself a 6 pack of Bud, helped himself to some smokes, cooked and ate 6 steaks, and since he had some steak he also threw in some shrimp, and then topped it off with some birthday cake.  He was arrested, but my guess is that he would say it was worth it!


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05/14/2013 7:06AM
What are You Kidding Me: He ate 6 steaks and 57 cans of what??
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