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What are You Kidding Me: He flashed what at her?

Out of Virginia … Flash Dancing

On Tuesday morning a sweet little college student was doing some high end shopping at the Dumfries' WalMart.  She was just strolling the lovely isles looking for the smiley face when suddenly a man appears out of nowhere, and he was wearing pajamas and a 2008 Obama T-shirt.  And then in the spirit of HOPE AND CHANGE he dropped his pajama bottoms and began doing the swinging wienie dance!  

Yes he was showing all that the good Lord had given him and doing so with a couple of extra hip thrusters.  He then pulled up his pants and calmly walked out the front door and jumped in his Honda Civic and off he went.  Unfortunately there is not a video of the dance, but there is a clear picture of him leaving, but due to the Obama t-shirt he is likely to get a presidential pardon.    


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06/14/2013 7:18AM
What are You Kidding Me: He flashed what at her?
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