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What are You Kidding Me: He paid how much for a love potion?

Out of Spain … He didn’t See it Coming

46 year-old Jose Zaragoza went to a fortune teller for a very rational thing…he asked her to put a LOVE spell on a woman he fancied.  And so she put the spell of romance on the target of his affection and…and…nothing.  The spell did not work so Jose and his friends broke into the fortune tellers house to make her give him his love spell money back!  And that is where the real WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME part of this story comes in.  How much do you think he paid for the love spell?  Try $212,000!  

FYI, Jose is a crook and embezzled almost 8 million dollars from a professional soccer association and he is being investigated for that crime, and he was arrested for breaking into the fortune tellers home! 

Out of Ohio … Minor Infraction

Jaron McGee was out teaching his daughter how to drive last week.  He was doing all that a good daddy should do by teaching her how to use her brakes, how to accelerate, and how to park.  And because of that, and well the fact that she ended up hitting a tree, he was arrested.  Why you ask?  Because while teaching your daughter to drive is a good thing…you should probably wait until they are 15 or 16 years old.  Jaron’s daughter is NINE! 

Out of Australia … The Camera doesn’t Lie

We don’t have a name for this poor guy so we will call him Homer, and Homer believed that he had a ghost in his house.  He knew it because at night he could hear the little gobblin sneaking around.  So he set up a camera to catch him, and he did just that!  Well, he didn’t catch footage of a ghost, but he did get footage of his girlfriend.  He got footage of his new girlfriend AND his son…uh…sneaking around.  The girlfriend is 28 and the son is 16 so charges are pending. 

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05/21/2013 7:10AM
What are You Kidding Me: He paid how much for a love potion?
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