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What are You Kidding Me: Momma beats up a robber!

Out of Texas … Don’t Mess with A Momma Bear

Dorothy Baker was on her way home from the drug store with her 5 & 2 year-old sons when she got the shock of her life.  A man popped up from the third row of her minivan and he had a knife.  He said that he wanted $200 and she told him that all she had was 20 bucks.  He then rushed to the front of the minivan and sat in the passenger’s seat and began to threaten her, because he realized she had dialed 9-1-1.

And at that point Dorothy knocked the knife out of his hand and began punching him repeatedly in the face….and she was doing this while still driving!  She then slammed on the brakes and told him to get out of her van, and he said…he said, “fine!”  Yes the "big bad" robber said “fine” and then ran off.  But then Dorothy thought, “if he just gets away then he can do this to someone else” so she put her foot on the gas, chased him down, and ran over him.   He is in stable condition and will likely survive.  His name is Ismael Martinez and records show he served time for a rape conviction.

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06/18/2013 7:23AM
What are You Kidding Me: Momma beats up a robber!
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06/28/2013 10:25AM
Mr. Chris Robinson
What legal ramifications did the lady endure? Afterall, she was no longer in harms way, and could easily have rove a different direction as well, but instead she chose to run him over, I am more disturbed thatthis lady has got away with such ction, but then again, I dont expect much from Texas!
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