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What are You Kidding Me: She says she is SO PRETTY that she can't work!


Out of England … Pretty Woman?

Laura Femee is 33 years-old and says that she had to quit her job as a scientific researcher in London.  And Laura says it’s because she is just too darn hot!  Yes, the very humble Laura says she is so gorgeous that she could not be taken seriously by the men she worked around.  She wanted them to see a professional, but in her words all they noticed was her amazing face and body.  And because of this...because they were so busy flirting and ogling her she could not move up in the scientific research world.  

And poor little Laura says she even tried showing up to work with baggy scrubs and no makeup on, but that did work either.  Heck no, Laura said that even when she didn’t wear makeup the men noticed her because of her, quote, “natural attractiveness.”  

In other words, Laura is saying that she is so incredibly hot that she can’t EVEN make herself ugly.  And as for the women she worked with…how do you think they liked luscious Laura?  You guessed it, they hated her, and she says they hated her because of her beauty.  Sure it had nothing to do with the fact that she thinks she is the hottest woman on the planet! 

So you tell me by clicking here and going to my Facebook page...too hot or not?



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05/20/2013 6:28AM
What are You Kidding Me: This woman says she is SO hot & sexy that she had to quit work?
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05/20/2013 7:30AM
Snort of disgust
Oh brother!! She isn't all that and should find another day job. Maybe she wasn't taken seriously because she wasn't that smart!
05/20/2013 7:34AM
Don't quit your day job lady! Get back to the lab and WORK for a living.
05/20/2013 7:35AM
ive been deployed and just got back and she still would probably only be a solid 7 thats not saying alot when i havent been around much women in a yr.
05/20/2013 7:37AM
Yeah right
Yeah, Ok. She looks pretty normal from here.
05/20/2013 7:45AM
U.S. vs England
Okay, so she looks pretty average to me. Then again, have you ever been to England? As far as women go, it certainly isn't like the U.S. - where beautiful women are at every turn. So, perhaps in England she is a "rare beauty". On the other hand - get over yourself. No woman is "too pretty to work". I wonder if she'll try to claim her "beauty" as a disability? (Insert vomiting noises here)
05/20/2013 7:52AM
Are you kidding me?
I call BS on the whole story as you can't find anyone by that name on the internet.
05/20/2013 8:08AM
F E R N E E - woman
found info.. and ... she is totally an egotistical idiot! someone needs to slap her in to reality!!
05/20/2013 8:10AM
Laura FeRNee
Can't find her on the internet because the name was spelled wrong. Googled "too pretty to work" and it popped up right away. She's not that gorgeous.
05/20/2013 8:15AM
not in the USA
Maybe England she's too pretty to work but definitely not here she seems averagely pretty to me
05/20/2013 8:26AM
From Tony
Thank y'all so much for reading the blog! I think she is very pretty, but she definately needs to check the ego!
05/20/2013 9:08AM
She is pretty, no different then a million other "pretty" people, all that have jobs. It's nice that she is confident but the ego puts her in the ugly category. Real beauty is more inside then out. Maybe she should just live in a houseof mirrors and not burden us all with her distracting beauty.
05/20/2013 9:39AM
Not Even
Well if she wants people to take her seriously maybe she shouldn't dress like she does, tone down the make up and wear some slacks or something, see if that makes a difference. No prettier than a million other women out there though.
05/20/2013 10:38AM
Ha, Ha..People Will Stop At Nothing!!
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