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What are You Kidding Me Story: A 14 year-old hires a what?

Out of Wisconsin … Minor Infraction

There is a 14 year-old boy in Milwaukee who has gotten a very tough, but good lesson on life.  The young fella decided to use the internet to solicit, how should we say this, he used the internet to solicit himself a lady friend for the evening.  Well, let's just say it, the little perv hired himself a prostitute!    
He went on the internet and hired one Dareka Brooks who is 22 years old to come over for a visit.  And Dereka showed up to the little fellas house when his parents weren’t there.  And our little adolescent stud was very very excited to meet his new friend Dareka…very excited so she told him to go sit on his bed and she would be right in.  And when she went in...she gave him the surprise of his life.  No not that...she surprised him by spraying him with pepper spray and stealing his iPad, and to top it off she even grabbed his piggy bank and made a run for it!  But once Dareka turned the iPad on the coppers were able to trace it right to her address and arrest her.  And for our little 14 year-old, well his parents say he will be grounded until he is 21.   

Out of Ohio … Double Trouble  from Nutty Fact Blog
These stories never get old…I’m talking about twins separated and birth only to find each other later and realize they have a lot in common.  And that is what happened to twin boys born in Ohio who were separated at birth. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys James.  And both James grew up not even knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. 
They both had sons whom one named James Alan and the other named James Allan.  The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women - both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy. Forty years after their childhood separation, the two men were reunited.

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05/06/2013 7:21AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: A 14 year-old hires a what?
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