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What are You Kidding Me Story: Foiled

Out of New Zealand … Stupid is and stupid does

Here is a quick one for you….we don’t have a name for these two lovely ladies so we will call them Laverne and Shirley.  And we know that Laverne and Shirley are in their 50s and don’t have a clue how to smuggle the happy salad through an airport.  We know that because they just got busted trying to smuggle marijuana through airport by stuffing, and I do mean stuffing their bra’s with the Loony leaf.  And that isn’t really the WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME part…the WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME part is the fact that before covering the weed with their bras they covered it with TIN FOIL!  Yeah, they aren’t quite clear on the whole medal detector thing. 

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07/02/2013 7:46AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: Foiled
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07/11/2013 10:09AM
"it's METAL"
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