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What are You Kidding Me Story: Going to Pot

Out of Canada … Happy Employees

We don’t have the name of this woman, but my guess is that she is dearly loved at her place of employment, because she is known to always bring in baked good to share in the break room.

And not long ago she brought in a large plate of brownies that her son…her son had cooked.  And after she handed them out it wasn’t long until several employees were giggling, snorting, and craving more munchies.  But then the good case of the paranoias set in and many claimed their arms were going numb and they were sure they were ready to stroke out!  You guessed it, she didn’t realize that those were her son's pot brownies.  Some of the employees wanted her fired, and others wanted her to get a raise.  

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09/11/2013 7:23AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: Going to Pot
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