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What are You Kidding Me Story: He shot his buddy with what...where?

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Out of Maryland … Shot in The Dark

As any young man will tell you, don’t ever be the first one to fall asleep or pass out at a dunken party.  Case and point, 22 year-old Patrick Stapleton decided to pull a prank on his buddy who was fast asleep after having too many cold ones.  He thought it would be really funny to grab his buddy’s BB gun and shoot him…shoot his sleeping buddy right in the buttocks! 

So he quietly grabbed the BB gun, walked over and pulled the trigger and BAM!  No, I mean BAM and as you probably know…BB guns don’t go BAM!  And that is because it wasn’t a BB gun.  No, it was a .40 caliber handgun!  "Sleeping Sore Butt Beauty" is in the hospital, but he will be ok.  Charges against Pat are likely pending.  



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06/06/2013 9:09AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: He shot is buddy with what...where?
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06/07/2013 10:17AM
Dunkel party?
Spell check please... Or a few less beers before you post maybe? :)
06/07/2013 10:19AM
Lol.. Dunken*
My phone auto-corrected your word
06/10/2013 8:18AM
What happened to drawing a penis on the face with perm marker
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