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What are You Kidding Me Story: He shot what off?

Out of West Virginia ... Ohhhhh Nuts!

When it comes to not getting caught, criminals aren't always careful.  But it's KIND OF understandable why this guy blew it . . .
A 23-year-old drug dealer named Ladarean Mixon showed up at an emergency room in Charleston, West Virginia around 4:00 A.M. Tuesday morning . . . because he'd accidentally shot one of his own TESTICLES off.  Which explains why his mind wasn't in the game.  Because apparently Ladarean forgot to leave his large bag of HEROIN at home.
While he was being wheeled into the ER, the bag of heroin fell out of his pocket.  And Ladarean ended up being booked for felony drug possession with intent to sell. The two friends who dropped him off ALSO got arrested on drug charges.  And two women who claimed to be Ladarean's sisters were arrested for lying to police about his name. 

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08/29/2013 8:16AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: He shot what off?
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