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What are You Kidding Me Story: She COULD have been the one to win $590 Million!


Out of Florida … NOT Toting The Line

Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce you to either the sweetest woman in the world or the biggest liar on the planet.  Her name is Mindy Crandell who is 34 years-old, and she will forever be known as THAT woman.  THAT woman who let Gloria Mackenzie in front of her to buy a quick pick lottery ticket that ended up being worth $590 million dollars!

And get this, when Grandma Gloria stepped up to buy the ticket the cashier actually stopped her and said that Mindy was next in line.  Well Mindy felt bad about it because Gloria is 84 years-old, and so she let her go ahead of her.  And Mindy was asked how she felt about the fact that she…she could have been the one to win over a half billion dollars and she said that she…she “has no regrets”!   And how about this for irony, when everyone was waiting for two weeks to find out who actually won…someone in Mindy’s family jokingly said, “I bet it was that old woman you let in front of you.” 


What do you think...a LOVELY lady or a LIAR?  

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06/07/2013 7:41AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: She COULD have been the one to win $590 Million!
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06/07/2013 10:06AM
She never said she was even going to buy a ticket !!!
06/07/2013 10:10AM
She could have been one to win 500 million
She never even said she was going to buy a ticket ?????
06/07/2013 10:48AM
None of above
Because she doesnt know if she would of got the same numbers on the quick pick!
06/07/2013 10:52AM
Powerball Fever!
Everyone there was in line to buy a ticket...the line was out the door!
06/08/2013 11:41AM
Great Points
Thanks Tony
06/10/2013 7:53AM
Lovely Lady
Its not even about the fact that the 84 year old lady won the money..its about the fact that Mindy showed respect for someone older when the cashier clearly did not.
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