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What are You Kidding Me Story: Stripped

Out of England … The Bare Facts

20 year-old Maria Badea is not a bad looking stripper…she looks like most strippers with the weird piercings, the juicy tramp stamp, and sure the light is on but no one is home…but she looks great.  So she was getting frustrated with another stripper she worked with there at the French Pussycat Club. 

She was upset with Gina who had just gotten herself some new breasts and a nose job.  Gina “the pole spinning” diva was stealing all of Maria’s lap dancing clients so she confronted her and Gina told her to…well…to shove it.  So Maria began to use her new boobies as speed bags….yep…she boxed her boobies and then finished her off with a head butt to that new nose.  Maria won the fight, but she will likely lose her job and be in jail.  

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07/19/2013 7:41AM
What are You Kidding Me Story: Stripped
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