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What are You Kidding Me Video: The demolished the wrong house?

A man in Pontiac, Michigan thought of a pretty clever way to keep his home from getting DEMOLISHED by the city last week.  I mean, it was totally shortsighted and might land him in prison, but still.  For a fleeting moment, there was brilliance.  The guy's house was scheduled to be demolished on Thursday.  It's not clear why the city was destroying it.

So he swapped the address number on HIS house with the address of his next door NEIGHBOR'S house.  And when the demolition crew got there, they actually DID destroy his neighbor's house. 

Luckily it was vacant, and pretty rundown.  Apparently some SQUATTERS were living there . . . possibly CRACKHEADS.  And the neighbors were HAPPY to see the wrong house go.


So the guy's plan worked . . . at least briefly.  But it turns out the CITY wasn't happy.  They found out almost immediately, and the crew went back to destroy the RIGHT house later that day.  The police are now investigating the guy who swapped the address numbers, and he could be looking at criminal charges.

(ABC 7 - Detroit)

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09/09/2013 9:38AM
What are You Kidding Me Video: The demolished the wrong house?
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