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What are You Kidding Me

Out of Missouri … Crash Landing
Rayna Garret was minding her own business and driving down the road when she noticed a man dancing…yes dancing in the middle of the road.  So she slowed down and tried to go around him, but when she did…he jumped right onto the hood of her car, pulled out a gun and shouted drive or I will blow your head off.  And so Rayna did that, she drove right to the police station.  Well actually she drove right into the police station.   Rayna crashed through the police stations garage and then laid on the horn.   The car jacker was slightly injured but he will live.
Out of Rhode Island … Polly wants a blanken cracker!
Lynne Taylor lives in an apartment right next door to her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, and while that within itself is crazy…that isn’t the most interesting part of this story.  The really wacky part of this story is the fact that Lynne is in court due to the fact that she has trained…trained her pet cockatoo to scream curse words at her ex and his new sweetie.  And it has gotten so bad some neighbors moved out.  And the fine for the vulgar feathery outburst is only like $15.00 so Lynne pay the fine with a grin…and then goes home to teach her bird new dirty words.  

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09/10/2012 11:02AM
What are You Kidding Me
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