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What are You Kidding Me

Out of Georgia … Where there is Smoke there is Fire Right? 

The Atlanta Fire Department got a 9-1-1 call around 5 in the morning because there was a fire downtown!  It was the extremely fancy Kamal 21 Strip Club…and a witness said that smoke was pouring out of the windows and from underneath the door.   The Fire Dept rushed to the scene to find that the club was closed, but the smoke was indeed pouring out so they busted down the door.  And they were shocked to find that there was no Def Leopard booming through the speakers, and they couldn't see a fire!  There was no fire…however…one of the strippers had forgotten to turn off the fog machine. 

Out of Kentucky … Chop Shop

Phillip Seaton of Waddy, KY was having some inflammation issues down…down there!  If you know what I’m saying?  So even though he is in his late 50s a doctor told him that he needed to be circumcised.   And off he went to have it worked on.  Phil was put to sleep and "Dr. Wang" went to work.  And during the the surgery the doctor found what he thought was cancer and so he chose to remove it and…and in the process he removed Phil’s deal.  It turned out to be cancer but Phil is suing saying he would have at least like to have had a second opinion on how to treat it!  

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09/13/2012 8:22AM
What are You Kidding Me
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