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What are You Kidding Me

From The Omaha World-Herald

Molly Schuyler of Bellevue, Nebraska weighs 115 pounds.  She has two kids.  And she may've just found her calling as a PROFESSIONAL EATER.  A few weeks ago, Molly took on an eating challenge at a local restaurant called Stella's Bar and Grill.  They challenge anyone who has the stomach to try to eat a creation called The Stellanator.

It's made up of six hamburger patties, six eggs, six pieces of cheese, six pieces of bacon, mayo, fried onions, jalapenos, two buns . . . and, to top it off, a FULL JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER.  And Molly took it down with NO PROBLEM.  She ate the entire thing in 15 minutes, which is the second-fastest time ever.  She's only the ninth person ever to finish it out of more than 200 tries, and she's the first successful woman.  Then, when she was done, she finished off her kids' leftovers.  Molly says she's always had a surprisingly large stomach capacity, especially for someone her weight.  Quote, "I used to drink a two-liter bottle of soda in 17 seconds."

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09/24/2012 8:37AM
What are You Kidding Me
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