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Out of Pennsylvania ...Another Brick in The Wall

An elderly couple in Phili received a nice package last was very large and had their address on it but no name.  Well within 2 seconds of opening it they knew it wasn’t for them, because it was a 10 pound brick of marijuana!  Yep, someone had sent an entire happy salad bar to the wrong address.  The 80 something couple called the law who came and collected the weed...weed that was worth about 30 grand!

Out of Alabama ... The Note and Booked

Matthew Huddleston is actually a very successful bank robber.  Seriously, he pulled off a great ban robbery in Pensacola.  He went in and gave the teller a note that said, I have a gun, don’t alert anyone. No alarms, no dye packs, give me all the money in your drawer.  He then made off with almost $10 grand, but later realized he forgot the bank not so he went back for it.  And the cops were there when he arrived and he still tried to get it...he was caught and booked.

Out of Georgia ... Hitting the Wall

It was 3:00 in the morning and cops got a call that someone was inside of the Bunchie Middle School...two guy were spotted breaking in.  The officers rushed to the scene and caught the two dudes red handed, but the bandits were not going to go down without a fight.  So one guy grabbed a fire extinguisher and began spraying it at the officers to distract them....he then ran full blast through the extinguishers fog.  He was running full blast...and went directly into the wall and knocked himself out.  Both morons were caught.  

03/17/2014 8:21AM
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