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What's Ellen Tailor NOT Wearing Today - June 6, 2013

I came to work this morning without "my face on." Eek!

Left - Without Make-Up
Right - With Make-Up

Why did I decide to post this?! hahaha

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06/06/2013 8:52AM
What's Ellen Tailor NOT Wearing Today - June 6, 2013
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06/06/2013 9:09AM
Gorgeous either way!
06/06/2013 9:48AM
honestly, the only difference I see (which could be the lighting) is the picture on the left looks tanner then the one on the right. :)
06/06/2013 10:00AM
I think you look great without it. but do what makes YOU happy
06/06/2013 10:21AM
you go girl!!
Stunning!!! You dont need any at all..... buttttttt you DO need to go camping :) come with us you will have a blast.... city slicker.
06/06/2013 10:40AM
Could not tell
You just as good with put as you do with. Are you single. Thanks D
06/06/2013 11:02AM
Greek Goddess.
Beautiful with or without.
06/06/2013 11:55AM
Looking good
You look just as good with out as you do with. Are you single
06/06/2013 12:04PM
Can't really tell a difference lol
06/06/2013 12:29PM
You are so gorgeous without makeup! Your eyes are dark and sparkly, your skin is beautiful! With or without, you are beautiful!
06/06/2013 5:55PM
You are beautiful!! I had a hard time telling which was which! You are smart and funny and amazing!! Keep it up!
06/06/2013 5:59PM
Hey you
Looks like your hair us just flipped the other direction to me.
06/06/2013 6:13PM
still very pretty lady
06/06/2013 6:23PM
The smile and eyes is what makes you beautiful.
06/07/2013 9:50AM
save your $
Barely even a difference girl! Save your money and buy more shoes instead of make up :o)
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