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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing - April 22, 2014

I went to Victoria, B.C., last weekend with some gal pals and toured the Butchardt Gardens.


We did some shopping and I found these claw rings. I loved them! My friends thought they were scary. Click HERE to see more and I want to hear what YOU think. Would you wear them?
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04/22/2014 8:22AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing - April 22, 2014
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04/22/2014 8:57AM
Reminds me of the claws/nails that Charlize Theron had in "Snow White and the Huntsman"
04/22/2014 9:02AM
claw rings
Four sure a Halloween thing, and not an every day thing.
04/22/2014 10:27AM
No thank you....they indeed look scary.
04/22/2014 2:02PM
Claw rings
04/23/2014 6:02AM
claw rings
I watched a movie years ago where a ring like that was used to snort coke with...
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