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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - April 17, 2014

Ladies. I need your opinion on this two-tone nail trend.
Check out the inspiration by clicking HERE and comment please. :)

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04/17/2014 6:50AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - April 17, 2014
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04/17/2014 8:50AM
Not really digging it, sorry Ellen
04/17/2014 8:53AM
Colors wrong
I like two-toned manicures, but the color combination you chose doesn't work. It looks like you only painted half your nail with the neon. The other color is too light. I would try again with different colors that will show up better.
04/17/2014 8:57AM
Love the idea but agree you should have chosen a darker nude - that's a great new twist on nail art, you go girl!
04/17/2014 9:02AM
It's kind of a mind f&$* I'm not digging it totally. Maybe different colors. Love ya though ellen!
04/17/2014 9:12AM
A darker tan/sand color might look more finished. I love the idea though
04/17/2014 9:20AM
Yeah not digging it. I get the idea, Happy easter though:)
04/17/2014 11:07AM
Maybe two different colors. Yellow and light brown is a no go. Maybe like a blue or pink. Cute idea though.
04/17/2014 9:25PM
04/18/2014 12:13AM
ellens nails
Not cute...the colors are all bad
04/18/2014 6:29AM
nails and attire
You can pull it off if your clothes match, if not I'd go with different colors. They contrasted well. Love you Ellen!
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