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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - August 7, 2013

Dress - Target
Sandals - Target

(I clearly really like shopping at Target!)

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08/07/2013 9:19AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - August 7, 2013
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08/07/2013 9:27AM
You cut your hair! You look great today!
08/07/2013 9:34AM
Not so cute. Do love hair tho
08/07/2013 9:40AM
What's Ellen wearing...
That's super cute! You look great!
08/07/2013 9:58AM
I am not sure the top of the dress is flattering at least in the picture.
08/07/2013 10:01AM
fashion faux pas
You're adorable...dress makes you look like your breasts are at your waist :(
08/07/2013 10:04AM
Nope. Hair is great. And such a beautiful young lady you are. The full body chevron print does not do you justice. Make that dress into a skirt and the top of it into a scarf to wear over a white/cream high-low shear tank. That would look great on ya.
08/09/2013 10:08AM
This is the first time that I've seen you. Forget that last guy. It looks like you have great legs!
08/09/2013 10:10AM
My name is Kris. I like listening to you.
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