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Ellen Tailor


What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - November 26, 2013

I could never make it as a model. I'll stick to my day job.

Vest - jcpenny
Shirt - Old Navy
Pants - Old Navy
Boots - Marshall's

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11/26/2013 6:47AM
What's ET WEaring
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11/26/2013 7:50AM
Oh, sweet Ellen Tailor
You are so beautiful. I think you could make a stunning model! You're my favorite part of the show.
11/26/2013 8:55AM
Man Ellen you are smokin hot!!!
11/26/2013 9:33AM
One of your best outfits thus far.
I love it. Cute, not overly flashy, stylish still, and versatile. Good choice.
11/26/2013 9:53AM
Has Ellen Tailor lost weight? I remember hearing about your struggle with losing weight and whether or not your beating that hardship, you look amazing. Keep up the good work and remember to smile :)
11/26/2013 10:10AM
i SWEAR Ellens lost weight!! even if not, still, lookin good!!
11/27/2013 6:48AM
your picture Nov 26th
Looking GOOD Ellen just be your self
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