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Ellen Tailor MUST HAVE: IPSY

What girl doesn't love getting mail? Especially a package? But most importantly, a package filled with make-up!

I signed up for IPSY. 4-5 beauty products (think make-up, hair, lotions, etc.) delievered to your door, every month, in a super cute GLAM BAG. The best part? It's only $10 a month!

This month's GLAM BAG was awesome and totally worth the money. The lip pencil alone is $12. The nail polish (which is a GORGEOUS, to-die-for, and very on trend color) is originally $8. Those two items alone are worth $20 and considering I only spent $10, I'd say that's a great deal!

I can sacrifice one cup of expensive coffee to get these goodies. Does anyone else have an IPSY? Want one? Get it by clicking HERE.

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10/22/2013 6:14PM
Ellen Tailor MUST HAVE: IPSY
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10/24/2013 10:35AM
Like it!
I gotta sign up for dat! xD -Haru
10/24/2013 2:34PM
I am definitely signing up...thanks for sharing!
10/24/2013 9:50PM
now I wait :(
signed up today - got waitlisted! Argh! I'm a patient girl though - thanks for the recommendation Miss Ellen!
10/25/2013 1:10PM
Can't Wait!
Heard you talkin bout ipsy and had to try it. Currently on the waitlist! Thanks Ellen!
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