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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - September 13, 2013

I'm embracing what will likely be one of the last few days of summer!

Top - Marshall's
Shorts - Macy's

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09/13/2013 9:09AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - September 13, 2013
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09/13/2013 9:40AM
Whats Ellen wearing?
the Marshalls top is awesome! I love the sheer bodice and the cut fits you body line very well. As far as the shorts go I love the pink and lace black but you may want to look at the cut around the thigh and hip area. It seems to exaggerate your upper leg due to the lace design. Sometimes lace and other embossed type of patterns can give the illusion of being smaller or larger.. in this case it is not favorable for you.. Love the colors though
09/13/2013 10:03AM
To much chunk.
09/13/2013 10:48AM
looks great
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt!
09/13/2013 11:36AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today
really ? didn't your momma teach you if you have nothing nice to say then STFU. I happen to think she hot and love the curves of a real woman .
09/13/2013 2:31PM
Super Cute!
I love the top especially the color it's fantastic, the shorts are adorable what a great summer outfit... and I also love the accessories:)
09/13/2013 2:49PM
Too Cute!
You have a great style! Keep it up!
09/13/2013 10:50PM
Stunningly beautiful woman right there!
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