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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - September 4, 2013

Gus the Intern says this is my "pretty prison dress."
YOU DECIDE -- Keep it OR Sell it???

Dress - Old Navy
Sandals - Target
Necklace - Forever 21
Blue bangle - Nordstrom Rack
Orange wrap bracelet -
Watch - Nordstrom

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09/04/2013 8:45AM
What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - September 4, 2013
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09/04/2013 8:58AM
Wear it or sell it??
Ellen the dress is adorable. I would keep it. You could even pull off wearing a wider belt in red. Thats my opinion anyway Della
09/04/2013 9:05AM
If Gus' opinion matters that much you could save it for Halloween as have a ready made costume…then sell it if you really don't like it.
09/04/2013 9:07AM
Looks good!
Keep it!
09/04/2013 9:27AM
Keep it
As Della said, wear a wider belt in red would be gorgeous!! :)
09/04/2013 9:37AM
Keep it!
I would like to start by saying, it's nice to see SOMEONE coming to work fully dressed today! I, myself, am a fan of stripes. Unfortunatly I can not pull them off. You, however look AMAZING!
09/04/2013 9:43AM
Ellen's dress = NO
Toss it. No horizontal stripes! Just an FYI, men like a jeans and t shirt kind of girl. Its been proven. Not grubby. Nice jeans and a cute top. Not a crazy handkerchief top. Simple. You are gorgeous. Don't try so hard.
09/04/2013 9:54AM
Toss it
Horizontal stripes are a big NO NO, and totally unflattering
09/04/2013 9:58AM
No horizontal stripes!!!
09/04/2013 10:20AM
Keep it!
09/04/2013 10:23AM
Ellen's dress
Love Tony photo bombing in the back!!!
09/04/2013 10:49AM
With that smile anything looks good on you!
09/04/2013 10:58AM
Sell or donate the dress, it makes you look shorter and heavier than you are. You are a beautiful woman child, never forget that
09/04/2013 11:00AM
Bye bye bye
Oh darlin sell that thing!! It does nothin for ya!! ;)
09/04/2013 11:34AM
I looks like the dress needs a boost of color. Try a wide belt with a solid color to get the eyes off of the stripes. Who really listens to men when it comes to fashion? Have you seen what men wear
09/04/2013 11:54AM
Keep it. Change it up with leggings also
09/04/2013 12:41PM
Sell it
I like vertical stripes not horizontal
09/04/2013 1:35PM
SS makes you look really short.
09/04/2013 2:31PM
All of IT!
09/04/2013 2:32PM
not for you
Horizontal stripes are bad. Give it away.
09/04/2013 4:05PM
Going, Going, Gone!
I'd give you a buck fifty to never wear that again. I'll even take it - I could use a new wipe rag for my tool box.
09/04/2013 5:49PM
No toss it
No stripes! Not flattering! Your cute,but you need to be like a size 0 for stripes.Just saying,toss it!!
09/04/2013 8:48PM
YOU DECIDE -- Keep it OR Sell it???
You are beautiful person inside & out ...if you like it keep it. :)
09/05/2013 8:08AM
keep it or sell it
sell it
09/05/2013 8:50AM
The waste line is PERFECT on you. You are adorable and can rock anything you put on.
09/05/2013 7:17PM
sell it, the strips do nothing for you, you need to be really tall and rail thin for the strips, sorry, i still listen to you every morning and I am a P1
09/05/2013 8:29PM
Photo Bomb
Tony is cracking me up in the background!
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