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What the _____________ are you?

I am a ________________.  How would you fill in that blank?  For many of you reading this that blank has been more important to you than you realize.  For many, they live their entire life trying to fill in that blank with something very impressive.

It's how we fill in that blank that determines for some of us how we feel about ourselves.  And how we fill in the blank is usually one of the last lines on our e-mails.  And the companies that we work for know that the blank is very very important. So they will often times give us very impressive things to fill in the blank.  Sometimes the blank only has three letters, but they are very powerful letters like CEO or CFO, and some companies know this is important to the employees so they have lots of different CEOs.  They have east coast, west coast, southwest, east of the east coast, and west of the west coast CEOs.  

My friends at Microsoft are really lucky because they are given amazing things to write in their blanks.  In fact, some of them have to send two emails...one for the email and one for their blank.  Yes we have very creative ways to fill in the blank.  We use words like executive, national, territory, district, senior, manager, regional manager, and national brand developer.  And then of course there are doctors and lawyers and engineers, which have great blanks, but even that's not good enough so they become the lead, head, managing, or partner.  I heard someone from Apple referred to as a "fellow" and thought that was very cool.  And if I'm not mistaken, if you are given the title of a a "fellow" then you are being told you belong.  And I'm fairly sure we developed that blank in the south, because whenever you walk into a bar or restaurant people will say, "hi fella" or "how are ya fella".  It's like saying, welcome you belong here!  So what is my point?  I want you to know that you are much more than a _____________.  And I'm concerned that some of you feel as though you don't belong because of what is or is not put into your blank by yourself or others. 

Your life can not be summed up in your blanking title.  At the end of your life the pastor will not say, "here lies Jimbo and he was a ____ now let us pray."  Your life will not be and can not be summed up in a title given to you by others or yourself for that matter.  And your Creator has not just given you a small blank line to fill in, but he has given you a very large blank slate.  And you get to determine what is written on that slate.  And for those of you that must have a title then know that your Creator and the ultimate CEO calls you a champion, warrior, beloved, and a masterpiece. 


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11/02/2012 6:36AM
What the _____________ are you?
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