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What would Jesus say to Lindsay Lohan







There are very few entertainers that have been in the news more than Lindsay Lohan, and it has rarely been in a good way.  Lindsay has had a series of tumultuous relationships with both men and women, she has allegedly had a drug and alcohol problem, and some may claim she is a kleptomaniac.  And add parents who appear to be more focused on getting and keeping their name in the news than helping their daughter and you have the perfect storm of dysfunction. 

So what would Jesus say to this beautiful young lady who one may argue has committed every "sin" in the book and seems set on destroying her life?  Well, I hesitate to speak for Him, but I guess that He would simply ask her one question.  And that question may be, "Lindsay, what or who are you looking for?"  And her answer would tell Him what he already knew...she is looking for unconditional love and acceptance.  Oh, she wouldn't come right out and say it, but Jesus would quickly see deep into her answer, because He is the ultimate therapist (He also knows her parents).  When you read the New Testament you find that Jesus always had a way of getting to the heart of the mater. 

You see that is why Lindsay is having so many problem in her life.  It is the reason that I have had many of the problems that I have had and you have had in your life.  Think about the times in your life that you were out of control and making one mistake after another.  For some of you reading this you may be thinking, "I'm there now!"  So, what or who are you looking for?  If you were like me and Lindsay you were looking for something to fill that hole in your heart, soul, and life.  Someone or something comes into all of our lives and damages our heart and soul.  And then we go in search of something or someone else that can repair that damage.  We need that hole in our heart and life to be filled...to be filled with hope, love, and acceptance! 

I know what I'm about to say is going to sound strange to some of you so don't stop reading right after you read the next sentence.  I believe that hole in all of our lives is a God shaped hole.  We can try to fit all kinds of things into it, but only God will fit.  In my experience, He is the only one that offers what we all, especially entertainers like Lindsay, crave and that is unconditional love and acceptance.  I will elaborate on what that means in future posts, but think about it and at least give my theory the benefit of your doubts.  And let me conclude with the one thing that I do know that Jesus would say to Lindsay Lohan...I love you.

Pastor Tony 

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03/05/2013 9:57AM
What would Jesus say to Lindsay Lohan
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