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Wisdom from King Solomon

Solomon spends A LOT of time telling married men to refrain from cheating on their wife. And since we already discussed that we aren't going into detail today, but why is Solomon spending so much time on this subject? The answer is simply that it was a problem then and it is a problem today. What I want to say at this point is that at least 30 to 40% of the people reading this have cheated on their spouse. And you likely carry a lot of guilt, and the question may be what do you do with it? What do you do with the guilt of straying outside of your marriage?

First of all I think you have to seek forgiveness from the people you hurt, and then you need to figure out a way to forgive yourself. I have some very close friends who have had an affair, and the pain it has caused them and their spouse is without a doubt difficult to overcome. However, some of them have been able to repair the damage, and today have incredible marriages. Solomon warns us that when we cheat we will live the rest of our life with shame. Now, that isn't to say God wants you to live a life of means you will never forget it. My prayer for you, for all of us that have done things we deeply regret, is that we can find the peace of forgiveness and realize that our mistakes don't define our entire lives. You are not the sum of your hurts, habits, or hang-ups.

Thought for the day: Why not write down your top 10 biggest mistakes on a piece of paper and go in the backyard and burn it. Let the past go and don't forget that your mistakes don't have to define you.

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11/13/2012 9:51AM
Wisdom from King Solomon
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