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You have A Gift







We all have natural gifts that we were simply born with.  When I use the word gift I am referring to such things as being able to understand math, play a particular sport, or write a great story with little effort.  There are many different gifts handed to us somewhere inside of our mother’s belly.  

I personally enjoy picturing God looking down on the developing baby, and then looking at the world.  He then glances back at all the beautiful little poop machines, and then back at the world.  And then He says to a few of His angels, I’m thinking the world needs another scientist, and then a razor thin light of mathematical genius flies from the heavens and into the heart and soul a some of the babies.  Then He realizes the world needs more smiles, and God sends the gift of humor to thousands of babies who begin to giggle.  And then of course He realizes something very important…the Seahawks will need a great quarterback in 2035, and he looks at his angels and says look at that little fella growing over there…what do you think?  He really doesn’t care what they think, but He pretends they can contribute to His holy power to place the gifts. 

The interesting thing about gifts is that we and sometimes our parents don’t recognize that we have them.  It is because they come so easy to us that we mistakenly think, “Well everyone can do that!”  And so the young girl who sings like a bird sticks to only singing in the shower, or stops singing all together when she graduates from high school.  The young man who can build or construct anything that his mind can visualize puts away the Legos, stops building forts, and then spends many mediocre years working in an office building he could have designed.  And there are many “Toms” or “Janes” who had a gift for teaching or art, but someone said, “You can’t make any money doing that.”  So “Tom” and “Jane” went into the family business or became a physician, and now life feels like a daily grind.  So am I depressing you?  Sorry that wasn’t my intention, but there isn’t anything more tragic or depressing than a gift gone unwrapped or placed to the side.  And my point that I want to make is that it is not too late for you and me. 

If you have a sense that something is missing in your life then ask yourself what you have done with your gifts and passions?  God placed some great desires and talents deep into your soul.  What are they?  For some of you, it has been so long since you used your gifts or talents that you have forgotten what they look like.  To begin figuring out what your gifts are you can fill in the following blanks: 

  • When you do _______________  people always say, “You are so good at that!”
  • People have actually offered me money to do __________________. 
  • When I was a child and did______________ I had the best time.
  • As an adult when I think about or do ________________ time seems to fly by. 

The gift is still there!  Uncover it and make it part of your life again, and you will go from feeling like you are just existing to truly living.  Please ask your questions or make some comments below.  I would love to read your thoughts!

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Tony Russell, MA, LMHC

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03/05/2013 9:29AM
You have A Gift
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