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Chris Young Announces New Album, 'Losing Sleep'

August 24, 2017

Are y'all "Losing Sleep" over Chris Young? The country singer has announced he will release his seventh studio album on October 20. Losing Sleep is the 32-year-old's third album to be released in less than two years.

“I think the experimentation I did on I’m Comin’ Over was the most I had really done,” said Young. “So with Losing Sleep it was about continuing that. There’s stuff like the lead track, which is really different sonically from a lot of things in my catalog – and there are going to be things that feel more familiar, too. Each song has a unique vibe and life to it.”

The new album will feature ten new tracks including the lead single, "Losing Sleep." The project was produced by the Grammy-nominated singer himself and Corey Crowder.

Losing Sleep Track List:

1. Losing Sleep

2. Hangin' On

3. Holiday

4. Radio And The Rain

5. Where I Go When I Drink

6. She's Got A Way

7. Leave Me Wanting More

8. Trouble Looking

9. Woke Up Like This

10. Blacked Out