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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for October 26th!

Q:  According to the U.S. Department of Energy;  The average American household spends the most money for energy on:   a) Appliances  b) Heating and Cooling  c) Lighting
A:  Heating and Cooling - 44%  (27% for appliances, 6% for lighting)

Q:  Spell the word "chauvinistic"   Ex: When she was not offered the job, the lady accused the male employer of being chauvinistic.
A:  Chauvinistic  (Obviously a tougher question when LISTENING to the radio!)

Q:  True or False; The last stall of any public restroom is usually the cleanest.
A:  False!  (It's the first stall, most people seek privacy and usually skip it)

10/26/2009 1:58PM
All or Nothing Trivia Answers for October 26th!
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