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A Few Reasons Why I DON'T shop on Black Friday!

I really don't care how much I save when I have to deal with scenes like this! Is it really worth saving a few extra bucks people?

The Pepper Spray Incident: At 10:10PM on Thanksgiving, in California, a woman PEPPER SPRAYED her fellow shoppers at a Walmart...all to try to clear a path to a crate of Xboxes. At least 20 people, including children, were injured. The woman surrendered to the cops on Saturday.

The Waffle Maker Riot: Over the weekend, a video surfaced from a Walmart in Arkansas, where people essentially RIOTED over $2 waffle makers.  You can actually see people pushing and fighting each other, all for a waffle maker. You can also see some butt crack from one woman who's desperately fighting for a waffle maker...even at the expense of her pants slipping down.

Listen, I like Waffes just as much as the next guy, but really? 

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11/28/2011 11:07AM
A Few Reasons Why I DON'T shop on Black Friday!
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11/28/2011 5:13PM
I'm working on a song called the 12 days of walmart........Stay Tuned...
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