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Crown of Clowns for October 9, 2015
A 22-year-old guy we’ll call Chuck called the police on Friday night because he was, quote, "too high" on marijuana. When the cops got there, they heard Chuck groaning . . . and when they went inside, they found him lying on the floor...
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Crown of Clowns for September 30, 2015
An Argentine man we’ll call Jimmy got quite a shock recently after he bought a pair of female poodles.  He got the two big fuzzy white poodles and then took them to the vet for shots and an exam and that is when he got the bad news.  He...
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Crown of Clowns for September 29, 2015
Today’s Crown of Clowns goes out to one of Washington’s wealthiest school districts. It is the Mercer Island School District, and they get this prestigious award because they briefly outlawed the GAME OF TAG for all of their students. One...
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Crown of Clowns for September 28, 2015
Today’s Crown of Clown goes to Bob Brady who is a Congressional Democrat from Pennsylvania. And Bob stole from the Pope. Well sort of, after POPE FRANCIS spoke to Congress Bob noticed the Pope had left his WATER GLASS up on the...
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Crown of Clowns for September 24, 2015
The Jewish Day of atonement is called Yom Kippur which took place yesterday, and while the heart of WGN TV was in the right place…the Chicago station totally screwed up their attempt to honor their Jewish audience. And they did this by flashing a...
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Crown of Clowns for September 23, 2015
Christopher Johnson got arrested late one evening at a public park because he was…well…he was getting-it-on with a PLAYGROUND SLIDE. Four people saw him doing what has been called the slide grind and immediately called the cops who arrested...
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Tony, Ellen & Biscuit Blogs
Makeup Monday - 90's Inspired Grunge
We're all going crazy for the 90's grunge look that's popular right now and I want to show YOU how to get it. Want to see more of my videos? Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any new uploads! ...
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Bare It All for Breast Cancer
It was 6 years ago, today, I got NAKED (seriously) in honor of my mom, the breast cancer survivor. Don't believe me? Watch this! -- Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also on Snapchat! Add "ellentailor"
VLOG: CMA Awards in Nashville
Never been to Nashville? Live through me and check out my first ever vlog (video blog) about my week at the CMA Awards! How many celebrities can you spot in this video? -- Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also on...
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10 Things You Need To Know About Chris Stapleton
He was the very first interview I had during the CMA Awards week. I knew Chris Stapleton as this amazing songwriter who had written Luke Bryan's "Drink A Beer." Watch him sing the song with Lady Antebellum at last year's CMT Artists of the...
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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - October 29, 2015
Sweater - Old Navy Top - Macy's Leggings - Old Navy Boots - Macy's Use the code "COOLSTYLE" for 25% off your Old Navy purchase online.   -- Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also on...
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Let's Lose Weight Together!
We love to look good in our clothes. We love to look good nekkid. We also love food. If we love food too much, we don’t look good in what we’re wearing and we sure as hell don’t look good in our birthday suits. While most of us want to...
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