What are You Kidding Me???

It's AMAZING how much women have lowered the threshold for what a guy has to do to get some action these days.  Because if guys are getting away with THIS, I just don't understand the world anymore.  According to a new survey, 51% of men now say they want to SPLIT THE CHECK on a first date.  That's more than HALF of men abandoning the old standard of paying on a first date and asking women to go Dutch.

Less than one in three say they definitely pay for the date every time.  And 5% say they think the woman should pay for EVERYTHING.  The main reason for not wanting to pay for an entire date is general financial pressure.  But some guys in the survey also said they don't want to pay for the entire thing because they think it's UNFAIR. 

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09/24/2012 8:34AM
What are You Kidding Me???
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10/06/2012 10:31PM
And how many of those dates were the 1st and only? You shouldn't have to worry about others decisions. You have 49% of the male population to pick from.
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