Savannah Jones
Tim Taylor
Michele Michaels
Weekdays 10am - 3pm


Midday's with Savannah

Not only does Savannah get you through your work week and keep you tuned in for the “Lunch Time Howler,” she is also the Music Director at 99.5 The Wolf. From the music choices that are being played on-air, to a familiar and friendly face, Savannah is one of the lifelines of The Wolf. She enjoys being in the middle of the Country music scene from artist interviews and concerts to local fairs and rodeos. Seeing her in swanky boots and jeans you wouldn’t necessarily know that Savannah was true girlie girl with her sweet yet sassy demeanor.

Weekdays 7pm - Midnight


Kiss and Tell with Michele

The non-stop talking result of a union between a Tony Soprano dad and a Suzanne Sugarbaker mom (how the heck did THAT happen?) Michele first debuted “Kiss & Tell With Michele” on 99.5 The Wolf back in July of 2004. After three years, she made the foolish decision to take a job somewhere else, which resulted in her profound unhappiness and eventual return to where she belongs—right back here in the Northwest, munching on refined carbohydrates and high-fructose corn syrup goodies while she plays sweet country music for the best pack o’ listeners in the world.

Michele takes requests and dedications, gives unsolicited advice and makes her boss a little nervous Monday-Friday from 7pm til midnight. Hit her up on the request lines and make sure you have a good story when you do---or she’ll probably make one up and use your name.


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