The Perfect Place to Celebrate the Fourth of July

There’s nothing more exciting than the Fourth of July. Every year people look forward to the barbeques, the family getting together, and of course, fireworks. Some states aren’t allowed to let off fireworks because of their dry climate. Thankfully Oregon is not one of those states and we can light...
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This Network Aired 'Rerun' Fireworks On The Fourth

When you turn your TV on to watch the 4th of July fireworks you expect them to be live, right? PBS decided the weather in Washington, D.C. was less than desirable, so they used footage from old fireworks shows. After the show was over they admitted it. @July4thPBS the Milli Vanilli of fireworks #...
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Is your doggie afraid of fireworks?

It is not uncommon for your pets to run for the hills over the Fourth of July weekend. The loud noises can sometimes be too much for them & they end up jumping fences to make their great escape. There are lots of ways to keep them safe & sound. First keep them in the house, if possible...
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