All or Nothing Trivia Answers for December 14th!

Q:  Nearly a third of all households never buy this condiment...what is it?
A:  Mustard

Q:  Which state has "Home On The Range" as their official state song?  a) Montana  b) Wyoming  c) Kansas  d) Nebraska
A:  Kansas

Q:  The typical American marriage ends after how many years?
A:  9.4 Years
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for December 7th!

Q:  In a recent study, out of 4 Oklahoma public high school students, how many could name the first president of the United States?
A:  1

Q:  According to the National Christmas Tree Association, which is more popular, live or artificial Christmas Trees?
A:  Real (68% as of 12-4-09)

Q:  According to "Ladies Home Journal", what percentage of married women still think their husband is "still the one"?  (Give or take 5%)
A:  97%
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for December 3rd!

Q:  Which western state borders only two other states?
a) Arizona  b) Washington  c) California
A: Washington

Q:  What is the best selling breakfast cereal of all time?
A:  Cheerios

Q:  Between New York, Miami and Seattle, which city receives the most, and which city receives the least amount of rain per year?
A:  Most - Miami 58 inches  Least - Seattle 37in  (NYC 46in)
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 30th!

Q:  What is the southern-most state capital among the 48 contiguous states?  a) Phoenix, AZ  b) New Orleans, LA  c) Austin, TX  d) Miami, FL
A:  Austin, TX

Q:  Women say this is the most common fashion mistake men make...what isit?
A:  Pants are too short!

Q:  In the U.S. Constitution, how many amendments make up the "Bill of Rights"?
A:  10
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 23rd!

Q:  In what year was the very first Thanksgiving celebrated?  a) 1492  b) 1621  c) 1776  d) 1812
A:  1621

Q:  What percentage of American families eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?  a) 67%  b) 78%  c) 90%
A:  90%

Q:  What is the safest way to defrost a Turkey?  a) With a hairdryer  b) In the Refrigerator  c) In cold water?
A:  In the Refrigerator
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 19th!

Q:  What is the deepest lake in the U.S.?  a) Lake Superior  b) Lake Tahoe  c) Crater Lake  d) Lake Mead
A:  Crater Lake (1949 Feet)

Q:  On average, a resume will have three pieces of misleading information on it, what is the #1lie on a resume?
A:  Employment Dates

Q:  People Magazine just selected this year's "sexiest man alive", who was it?  a) George Clooney  b) Hugh Jackman  c) Johnny Depp  d) Brad Pitt
A:  Johnny Depp
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 16th!

mosquito180Q:  What is the largest city in area in the contiguous 48 states?
a) Denver, CO  b) Chicago, IL  c) Jacksonville, FL  d) Phoenix, AZ
A:  Jacksonville, FL at 758 square miles.

Q:  Over the past 20 years, consumption of this is up more than 233%, is it beer; snack foods; or soft drinks?
A:  Snack foods; soft drinks up 114%; beer up 100%

Q:  True or False; Mosquito's have teeth?
A:  True!  (4 Sets; females stab your skin with their sharp snout and then saw in to your skin with those knife like teeth to draw blood.  She shoots in saliva laced with anesthetic (to escape notice) and an anti-coagulant (to keep blood flowing).  (In 90 seconds she has enough blood for 100 eggs)
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 12th!

Q:  A recent web poll asked, "Are Tattoo's Sexy"?  62% of people said....
A:  Never or No!

Q:  64% of women say they think this looks bad on a man?
a) Glasses  b) Ponytail  c) Moustache
A:  Ponytail

Q: In what decade was Diet Coke invented?
A:  1982  (4th of July)
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 9th!

Q:  According to a recent Harvard study, Americans believe there's a 50% chance they'll someday be involved in a serious or fatal accident.  In reality, what is the actual chance of this happening?  2% chance;  5% chance;  10% chance
A:  5% Chance

Q:  In what month did the attack on Pearl Harbor occur?
A:  December  (7th, 1941)

Q:  According to a new poll, what are Americans now worried about the most?   a) National Budget  b) Unemployment Rate  c) Higher Taxes
A:  Unemployment Rate 33% (then taxes and Budget)
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All or Nothing Trivia Answers for November 5th!

Q:  According to a Men's Health poll, what commuter driving habit annoys men the most?  a) Talking on the phone  b) Driving too slowly  c) Tailgating
A:  Driving too slowly  (Followed by talking on phone and Tailgating)

Q:  Whatis the most popular household pet in America?
A:  Cats (Followed close by dogs and then birds)

Q:  75% of people will do this within 5 minutes of getting off a plane?
A:  Send a text message
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